St. George Orthodox Church
Antiochian Archdiocese of North America
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Lazarus Saturday Sunday School Retreat 2013

Divine Liturgy and youth retreat - Teen SOYO retreat - 04/27/13

(143 images)

Iconographer's Work in Progress

Janet Jaime in her studio

(19 images)

Vacation Church School 2012

Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity - 08/06/12

(33 images)

Pan-Orthodox Liturgical Bonfire and Picnic

Three Church communities come together (on the hottest day of the year!) - 07/07/12

(42 images)

Holy Week and Pascha 2012

Holy Week and Pascha - 04/15/12

(77 images)

Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday

Youth Retreat and Procession following Divine Liturgy - 04/07/12

(82 images)

Work in Progress

Photos of New Iconostasis

(67 images)

Sunday School Christmas Program

Christmas Play and Visit from St. Nicholas - 12/18/11

(40 images)

All Saints Party 2011

Celebrating The Saints of the Church with St. George Sunday School - 10/26/11

(102 images)

Vacation Church School 2011

Behold the Light! - 08/05/11

(86 images)

Vacation Church School 2010

Traveling on the Ark of Salvation - 08/06/10

(93 images)

Lamentations Service 2010

Procession with the bier - 04/02/10

(21 images)

Lazarus Saturday Sunday School Retreat 2010

Learning about Holy Week - 03/27/10

(46 images)

All Saints Party 2009

All Saints Party - 10/28/09

(34 images)